About Shellie

About Shellie Roehrs Coaching

Shellie Roehrs is the founder and principal of Shellie Roehrs Coaching which has two business lines: Leadership Development/Executive Coaching and Public Speaking/Small Group Coaching.

Leadership Development/Executive Coaching

Shellie is a seasoned executive coach with a deep background in transformational and generative leadership. She supports and develops exceptional leaders – executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs – to fulfill on powerful promises. Specifically, she expands a leader’s coaching and leadership presence, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial skills though a generative interpretation, meaning one that enables people to see and take effective action in order to produce breakthrough results and revenue.

Public Speaking/Small Group Coaching

Shellie is a sought-after, award-winning speaker. She combines wit, insight, and wisdom to shift perspective and positive change with heart. She speaks on a variety of subjects, including authenticity, embracing change, and leadership presence. She also facilitates group coaching workshops, which combine both speaking and coaching. These workshops are lively and novel in approach, providing a supportive environment from which to launch powerful intentional action.

Life and Leadership Development

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