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3 Questions to unleash your inner Superhero!

How to be a Superhero with three questions.
Ask yourself these three questions to get to the heart of your ambition.  Get really clear on what you are creating with your dream.  Focusing on the essence of your dream helps you separate the specifics from the overarching ambition.  Finally, asking yourself what’s in the way of that dream and ambition can help you focus on solutions and determine the next step along your path.  

The Truth about Changing any Problem into a Powerful Opportunity

heart shaped leaves
heart shaped leaves imply the opportunity inherent within problems.

Have you noticed that our Problems are usually outside of our Comfort Zone? Think about it: what’s within our comfort zone is the tried and true of our life, our habituated reactions and coping mechanisms. It feels good and safe within our comfort zone because we constructed it with the precision of a master-builder to protect ourselves from what we feel like we can’t or don’t want to handle. So our immediate reaction to a Problem from inside our comfort zone is to do what we have always done: fix it, apologize for it, avoid it, deny it exists, or try to blame it on someone else. These strategies keep us stuck because they are all just a rehashing of the problem at the same level they Continue reading The Truth about Changing any Problem into a Powerful Opportunity