25 Goals to Accelerate Life at any Stage

How many of these Breakthrough goals can you start on right away?

25 goals to accelerate you life at any stage

  1.  Expand what I see as Possible in my life and organization
  2. Learn to pace myself
  3. Increase my energy level
  4. Organize my closets
  5. Stop explaining myself
  6. Affect people profoundly
  7. Stop justifying my actions
  8. Reconcile my life with humanity
  9. Get that I can be both a good person and a good boss
  10. Become a better writer
  11. Work through a career change
  12. Get clear on priorities
  13. Create an outrageous business goal and enlist support to reach it
  14. Hire a virtual assistant to handle stuff I don’t want to do
  15. Increase my capacity to be with chaos
  16. Improve the lighting everywhere so there is no eye-strain
  17. Create a vision, which pulls me forward
  18. Become part of a spiritual community
  19. Perfect my environment so that it brings out my best
  20. Get complete on relationships
  21. Practice extreme self care.
  22. Take a trip
  23. Free myself from limiting beliefs
  24. Come to accept that which I resist
  25. Hire a personal trainer

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The Truth about Changing any Problem into a Powerful Opportunity

heart shaped leaves
heart shaped leaves imply the opportunity inherent within problems.

Have you noticed that our Problems are usually outside of our Comfort Zone? Think about it: what’s within our comfort zone is the tried and true of our life, our habituated reactions and coping mechanisms. It feels good and safe within our comfort zone because we constructed it with the precision of a master-builder to protect ourselves from what we feel like we can’t or don’t want to handle. So our immediate reaction to a Problem from inside our comfort zone is to do what we have always done: fix it, apologize for it, avoid it, deny it exists, or try to blame it on someone else. These strategies keep us stuck because they are all just a rehashing of the problem at the same level they Continue reading The Truth about Changing any Problem into a Powerful Opportunity